RESEARCH - Publications

One of the Clos Archaeology Foundation’s important spheres of action is its publications, which include specialised books, magazines for a general readership and catalogues of temporary exhibitions.

The Clos Archaeology Foundation has a collection of specialised monographs on different subjects related to ancient Egypt.

Portada del llibre: Historia Militar de Egipto durante la Dinastía XVIII Portada del llibre: Damas aladas del antiguo Egipto Portada del llibre: La momia de oro. El retorno a  la vida Portada del llibre: Culturas del Valle del Nilo

Another monographic publication is the Archaeology Tour of Egypt, in which readers may tour the country from south to north while consulting archaeological information on each of its sites.

Every year the magazine Arqueoclub reports on the cultural activities sponsored by the Clos Archaeology Foundation to both the public at large and more expert readers.

Arqueoclub 6 Arqueoclub 7 Arqueoclub 8

Regarding exhibition catalogues, the Foundation has published:

The publications also include non-Egyptological subjects, such as The Secret of Tibet, Unveiling the Civilisation at the Ceiling of the World (Josep Lluís Alay, 2000).

Portada del catàleg d'exposició: Mosaics romans de Síria Portada del catàleg d'exposició: Joyas de faraones Portada del catàleg d'exposició: Damas del Nilo Portada del catàleg d'exposició: Tutankhamón: imágenes de un tesoro bajo el desierto egipcio

Interested readers can find the Clos Foundation’s publications, along with an extensive range of books on Egyptology, at the shop-bookshop in the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, where a new Antiquaries section has recently been created where customers can purchase old books, out-of-print books and first editions.