PHILAE THEATRUM - Introduction

Logo de Philae Theatrum

The Amateur Theatre Company
of Barcelona’s Egyptian Museum


Scene of theatre act Decauville: “Howard i el faraó retrobat”

One of the aims of Philae Theatrum is to introduce to the general public some of the most representative aspects of Egypt during the times of the pharaohs and to do so in an entertaining way while taking rigorous care of historical data. The company has been developing a large number of activities that combine its ludic, didactic and artistic possibilities. These include dramatised readings, audio visual screenings, theatrical representations and contemporary dance.

Since it was established, Philae Theatrum has brought together people who share not only their passion for acting, but also an enthusiastic appreciation of Ancient Egypt. Thanks to the hard work and unwavering commitment of the members of this theatre group, we have been able to present several stage productions. In some cases Philae Theatrum has had the invaluable cooperation of Companya Teatral Eskakeig and even the collaboration of Membres del Club of Fundació Arqueològica Clos (members of the Museum’s Archaeological Foundation).


Jordi Garcès, artistic director of Philae Theatrum

Jordi Garcés is the artistic director of the Company Philae Theatrum and also the author of the works it represents. The contribution of Jordi Garcés to theatre, -with Ancient Egypt as the framework-, began in 1997 when he adapted the famous “LLums i so de Philae” (Lights and dream of Philae) that it was originally supposed to be set in the homonymous island, in front of the Temple of Isis. This dramatised reading was divided in two acts and it was highlighted by the projection of images that made one feel as if one really was in the land of the Nile.

Born in Barcelona in 1971 he had already been involved in show business, interpretation and artistic direction when Mr. Garcés decided to write “El Somni del Sol” (literally, “The dream of the Sun”). By then, his production of “Llums i so de Philae” had also achieved great success.

In terms of the actors, those who participated in the above dramatised reading took afterwards a more definite step towards interpretation in “El Somni del Sol”. In fact, they decided to stay with the amateur company and named it after their first work: Philae Theatrum, which means “the theatre of Philae”.