Introducing children to the study of Egypt’s Ancient Civilization has been, right from the start, one of the main objectives of Fundació Arqueológica Clos. This is why the foundation offers a study program addressed to children in nursery, primary and secondary education.


At the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, the study program starts with a guided visit to our permanent collection and finishes at our workshops, where students can gain farther knowledge of some aspects of life in Ancient Egypt.

At the Archaeological Campus, the study program focuses on the archaeological excavations of various Egyptian sites that have been recreated at life size. Here it is possible to develop discovery & research techniques as well as team work.

Besides the above, Fundació Arqueológica Clos has created the degree, known as “crédito de síntesis” under Spanish educational system, “Egypt: the land of the Pharaohs”, combining school and field work at the Archaeological Campus plus a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona.


Fundació Arqueológica Clos runs workshops for both children and teenagers at the weekend and during school holidays. They take place in the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona and Archaeological Campus.

In our Shop, you will also find a large range of didactic material: books, puzzles, games based on hieroglyphs and different gadgets that will help children with their understanding of Egypt while they play.