FOUNDATION - Introduction

Mr. Jordi Clos, president of The Clos Archaeological Foundation

Clos Archaeological Foundation was established in 1993 by Jordi Clos and was an initiative born of his passion for Egypt.

From the beginning the Foundation has been committed to the research, study and publication of works related to Egypt. The fact is that, although the whole project has been privately funded, it has developed a wide range of activities that promote the Art and Culture of the Ancient World.

Without a doubt, the main symbol of the Clos Archaeological Foundation is the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona, but there are other cultural ideas that the Foundation has developed as an answer to a growing interest in the legacy of Pharaonic Egypt. Amongst them, it is worth mentioning the Master Degree in Egyptology; various study programmes, the Archaeological Campus, the Philae Theatrum company, the library, a specialized shop and Arqueotravel (the travel agency of the Museum).

Thanks to the excellent response of thousands of visitors, the Museum continues to grow, both in terms of the number of pieces on exhibit and in terms of the Museum itself. The Foundation still has many more projects and feels enthusiastic about all of them.

We would like to invite you to visit our web and to know us and share our passion for Egypt.