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An egyptian hieroglyphic dictionary. vol II
  • Author: BUDGE, W.
  • Publisher: DOVER
  • Date of publication: 1978
  • No. of pages: 1314
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0-486-23616-1
  • Price: 35,97 €

Synopsis: At last, an English dictionary of Egyptian hieroglyphics. This monumental work -long out of print, a very hard and rare book to find- was prepared by one of the foremost Egyptologysts of the century. It contains nearly 28000 words or terms that occur in hieroglyphics texts dating from the Third Dynasty through the Roman period, roughly from 3000 BC to 600 AD. It is the only complete English dictionary available anywhere. For students, teachers, collectors, libraries, museums or anyone seriously interested in deciphering ancient Egyptian writtings, magical formulas or inscriptions for themselves, this book is a must! Arranged alphabetically, each entry consists of the transliteration of the word, the word in hieroglyphs, the meaning in English, and often, a literary or other textual source where the word can be found. The entries in the 915-page main dictionary include all the gods and godesses as well as other mythological beings, the principal kings of Egypt, and geographical names. Professor Budge also gives in the beginning a full list of the most frequently used hieroglyphic characters arranged, after the manner of printers Egyptian -type catalogues, by pictorial similarity (men, women, gods and godesses, parts of the body, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, plants, sacred vessels, weapons, measures, etc.) with phonetic values and meanings when used as determinatives and ideographs. Reference alphabets or syllabaries for Coptic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, Ethiopic, Amharic and Persian cuneiform are also here.