Image of the presentation of the book Terracottas with Dr. Esther Pons (authoress),  Joaquín Osorio (Construcciones Pai President & book's sponsor) and Jordi Clos (in the middle)

Last Thursday, the 9th of October, the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona presented its first volume of a new thematic catalogues series.

The title is Terracotas, a monographic study created by an expert on the subject, Dr. Esther Pons Mellado, Curator of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities and Middle East at the National Archaeological Museum.

The collection of Egyptian terracotas belonging to Greco-Roman times owned by Clos Archaeological Foundation is one of the country’s most important private collections.

November 04 2008

El Projecte DJEHUTY

El MEB convida el Dr. José Manuel Galán a presentar les novetats del projecte arqueològic que dirigeix

El proper dimecres 17 de setembre, l’investigador del CSIC especialitzat en la cultura de l’Egipte faraònic, José Manuel Galán, oferirà, a les instal·lacions del Museu Egipci de Barcelona, la conferència “El proyecto Djehuty en Dra Abu el-Naga (Luxor): Las tumbas de Djehuty y Hery, y los hallazgos recientes” on exposarà, per primera vegada a Barcelona, les últimes troballes del projecte que dirigeix a la necròpolis de Dra Abu el-Naga, un dels emplaçaments més rics de tot el món des del punt de vista arqueològic.

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September 16 2008

Study Programme for the second half of 2008

The study programme for the second half of 2008 naturally offers a course linked to the temporary exhibition “Sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt”.


However, the programming for this second half of the year also includes many other courses, seminars and activities as well. They cover a wide variety of innovative topics which will delight everyone who adores history and ancient civilisations: ancient China, pre-Colombian religions, Egyptian Alexandria, the historical and legendary figure of Cleopatra and the Cathars are just a few examples of the subjects we will examine.

See our proposals and register now!

September 04 2008

Schiaparelli’s feast

Celebration of the discovery of the tomb of Khaemwaset, son of Ramses III

The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona is celebrating the discovery of the tomb of prince Khaemwaset with a guided tour of the exhibition “Sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt” and a feast based on an ancient funerary banquet from the Pharaonic period.

Every Thursday from July to September, Ernesto Schiaparelli himself, director of the Italian archaeological mission that discovered the tomb of Khaemwaset, son of Ramses III, in the Valley of the Queens in 1903, will provide a commentary on the temporary exhibition at the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona which for the first time is displaying the important collection of sarcophagi extracted from the tomb. Afterwards, he will be the host of a funerary banquet that will be held to celebrate that extraordinary discovery!

Dates: Every Thursday, from the 24th of July until the 25th of September
Time: From 9 to 10:45 pm
Price: €45 (includes entry to the temporary exhibition, guided tour and dinner)

Advance reservations are required and can be made by telephone on 93 488 01 88

July 15 2008

The Club Activities


Programa d'Estudis, segon semestre de 2008

The fantastic response to the activities held for members of the Circle of Friends and the Patrons Club during the first half of the year has encouraged us to schedule a wide range of enticing proposals to help members enjoy the history, art and culture of ancient civilisations during the second half of 2008.


Lectures and cultural outings will fill the calendar from September until the end of the year. We hope that you participate actively once again!

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July 15 2008